The story behind this film began on a Friday afternoon, near the Koshys Junction at Bangalore. My colleague & I, had just got done with lunch and thought about having some paan (beetal leaves). As we started walking near the St. Marks Church area, I noticed an Audi 4 car that had been parked in the  non parking zone. The police man who was present at that area was not able to do any thing and was helpless as he spoke to the Audi driver. The latter was very arrogant as he showed scant respect to the police man, even daring him to click a photo of the car in the Non Parking Zone!!!

I had seen such dramatic incidents in the good old Shankar Nag movies of yore, but it was for the first time that I had seen it live! This incident immediately gave me a superb subject that could be made into a full length feature film.  It had started raining by then and as I drove back home, all that I could think about was the storyline.  Within the next week, I had decided what I would showcase on the big screen.  This movie is a unique kind of thriller that you have never seen before. Wait and watch, folks!

Official Website of Kannada feature film "A Day In The City"