Venkat Bharadwaj  is a writer,  director and actor.  He started writing short stories and conceptualising content in the year 2001. He has directed several short films & music videos. Venkat also chairs the Earth Awareness Foundation which uses films to create public awareness.  For more than a decade, Venkat has been composing music and has been actively involved with the film industry. He has also delivered successful “Call Back” tones for major telecom companies. Venkat believes that the screenplay is the key ingredient in successful content.

Venkat presently works with an IT Company as a Regional SalesHead. He comes with 21 years of IT experience and has travelled to more that 70+ countries. Venkat is the Son of C V Shivashankar, a noted veteran in the Indian film industry.

Venkat Bharardwaj Filmography

Paani Ke Rang

This is a 6 minute music video in Hindi, which educates citizens on what mistakes are being done with regards to water lifelines. This video was featured by various media outlets such as The Hindu, 24 Dunia & The Top. It was also featured on PKR TV News.


This 7 minute short film carried the message that education is a  right for one an all. This film has been telecasted world wide in major film festivals and received tremendous success in the Middle East, Africa and USA.

E-Dhareyu (The Earth)

This was a 4 minute music video in Kannada, which was intended to inform citizen on what they are doing against Mother Earth.

Save The Earth

This was a public interest video showcasing how citizens of today can save the earth.

School Fees

The 60 second short film’s message is that a handicapped person may be weak physically but his analytical and intellectual skills are good. This movie highlights the  power of the a handicap person in India. This movie was nominated in the Woodpecker Film Festival at New Delhi. It was also featured on IndiaGlitz.

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