World class airline such as Emirates, British Airways and Oman Airlines has picked up A Day In The City, to be showcased as part of their inflight entertainment. Travelers on these airlines can view the movie from Dec 26 onwards. These airlines accepted our movie due to the strong socially relevant content and the great feedback from viewers.

Please reach out to us if you would like a screening of the movie. You can email us at csvenkat@gmail.com 

“A Day In The City” is a Kannada commercial feature film that is set to hit the screens in the  month  of Feb 2015. The movie  is based on a thrilling concept which will deliver a message to citizens. The film explores how government officers function and talks about topics such as effective governance and national integration.

The film is about an incident that happens to an Indian city and how things get worse as the situation escalates. This specific incident creates panic in the entire city and the public suffers. The story revolves around how this situation gets solved. This movie will surely be eye opener for Indian citizens.

The duration of the movie is 125 minutes. This film has been shot in multiple locations. The scripting phase took almost 6 months (Aug 13 to Jan 14) and the shooting phase was completed in 3 months.

Most of the crew in the film are IT Professionals, who spent their weekends to invest their time for a good cause. The film has more than 45 characters  and more than 90% are IT people who have a strong acting background.

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